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Adam Hoof  footwear innovatively combines ancient and contemporary Italian design techniques to make shoes that demonstrate master level Italian craftsmanship. Every shoe is strictly handcrafted with no hesitation in using the highest quality materials along with including elaborate detailing for style.

Adam Hoof

The journey started In Germany with the approach to serve the World Born to Serve !!!

With the Best quality Premium Leather with Affordable Range. Since The Time the Homo sapiens survive. Adam was introduced to the World, The First Man on Earth.

Since the Survival of Human Beings Shoes is emerged as one of the basic necessity of Life

From Historic Era

Spanish cave drawings from more than 15,000 years ago show humans with animal skins or furs wrapped around their feet. The body of a well- preserved “ice-man” nearly 5,000 years old wears leather foot coverings stuffed with straw. Shoes, in some form or another, have been around for a very long time. The evolution of foot coverings, from the sandal to present- day athletic shoes that are marvels of engineering, continues even today as we find new materials with which to cover our feet.

Adam Hoof brings the Sophitication and Innovation with Perfect dimensions and comfort at its BEST.

Due to Sense of Discrimination of human form its is impossible to provide for the need of every individual, Shoes Engineers manage this overwhelming demand by providing some standards user defined , foot ground interface.

The Skin Friendly material processed under very precise Engineering control system to keep your FOOT Safe & healthy.

We assure you the most comfortable and wide range of products simultaneously taking care of your pocket.

European Standards strictly followed to assess every shoe -

1. Chemical Smart Screening 2. Shoe Fit assessment Test 3. Slip resistence Test 4. Slip &Flex Cracking Resitence 5. Colour Fastness. 6. Heel attchment Test 7. Sole Bond Adhesion 8. Free from Restricted and hazordous Sustances like

ChromeVI,formaldehyde, Banned Azo Dyes,DMF,PCPs. Working with our team of skilled artisans, we create footwear with the versatility and quality to blend into everyday life.